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School Policies

AMES Policies

Admissions Policy

AMES UK Swim School is already successful enough to have to keep a waiting list of people wishing to take part in our swimming lessons. Because of of this, we need to have a clear and published admissions policy to ensure people understand that they are being treated fairly and that nobody is being given unfair advantage or favouritism. Places within the school will be allocated according to the following rules.

  1. When vacancies do become available they will be allocated according to the following priorities below.
    1. Existing members of the Swim School
    2. Siblings of existing members
    3. Length of time on the waiting list
    4. Absence of any monies owed for previous classes
  2. Where no vacancy exists, prospective members will be placed on a waiting list if they so wish.

Absenteeism Policy (Catch-up lessons)

AMES UK Swim School recognise the fact that every once in a while you will miss a swimming lesson through illness or some other unavoidable incident outside of your control.

It is not our policy to give monitary refunds in these circumstances however, if you do find yourself in this situation then please call Vicky immediately and prior to the alloted lesson date and time and we will try to arrange a lesson on an alternative day for you so that your misfortune is not compounded by also missing part of the course.

In the event of longer absences for more serious circumstances i.e. fractures or serious medical conditions that will prevent you or your child from swimming for a protracted period of time then again please call Vicky as soon as possible and we will discuss other possible options.

Absenteeism through personal choice is not recognised by AMES UK Sport Club as a valid reason to be offered alternative sessions or fee credits.

Swimmers who arrive more than 10min late will not be allowed in the water and no lessons will be offered as a catch up.

Private lessons

AMES UK Swim School is able to deliver private lessons in various pools. As private lessons need to be flexible these are always booked on a "one off" basis. We don't offer "courses" of private lessons.

To offer private lessons AMES needs to hire venues or pool time prior to your lesson and these venues will almost without exception have a 24hr cancelation policy. Also, a cancelation at short notice leaves an existing lesson slot (that other arrangements would have been made around) almost impossible to fill.

For these reasons AMES UK Swim School have to operate its own 24 hour cancellation policy to protect our time and expenditure liabilities. We require a "clear" 24hrs notice prior to your lesson time so that we can make the necessary re-arrangements to bookings and schedules. This policy will be applied without exception.

We hope you understand.

Published July 2017 (to be reviewed July 2019)