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It is AMES UK Sport Club's – Swim School's policy to recruit the most suitable person for each vacancy, regardless of sex, race, religion or belief, age or perceived age, sexual orientation or disability.

The procedure

  • Vacancies may only be filled after a job specification and person specification have been notified to HR and approval has been received. Where the job is to be advertised, the proposed advertisement must be submitted to HR for approval.
  • Copies of all advertisements (where appropriate) will be placed on AMES UK Sport Club's - Swim School's website or internal vacancy page within the website together with a note informing existing staff and volunteers that they are welcome to apply.
  • Staff concerned with recruitment must ensure that they comply fully with AMES UK Sport Club's - Swim School's equal opportunities policy at every stage of the recruitment process.
  • A decision to shortlist, interview or offer employment will take no account of an applicant's trade union membership or non-membership.
  • A decision to shortlist, interview or offer employment will be taken without regard to the applicant's gender, racial or ethnic background, religion or belief, sexual orientation, age or (unless justified) disability.
  • Applicants who are invited to an interview will be sent details of the interview location and an outline of the form of the interview, and appropriate personnel must be informed that they are expected.
  • In accordance with AMES UK Sport Club's - Swim School's equal opportunities policy, reasonable adjustments will be made to accommodate the particular needs of any person who has notified AMES UK Sport Club's - Swim School's that he/she has a disability within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010 at all stages of the recruitment process.
  • Where appropriate, skills and practical tests will form part of the interview.
  • Applicants who are not short listed must be informed of this fact as soon as possible unless it has been made clear that only successful applicants will be contacted. This will be done before the date of the interview.
  • When a suitable candidate has been identified, a conditional job offer will be made subject to satisfactory references, proof of qualification, sight of relevant documentation confirming the individual's right to work in the UK and a cleared enhanced CRB check if relevant.
  • Each offer letter must be accompanied by a contract which outlines the terms and conditions of employment relating to that position. The applicant must sign the contract of employment denoting acceptance of the job on those conditions.
  • In the case of internal promotions or transfers, the employee will be issued a new contract detailing all the terms and conditions of the new role. Details of the new position should be also be sent with this letter, e.g. job description.
  • Appointments will not be confirmed, nor starting dates set, until satisfactory replies have been received from referees, proof of qualifications submitted by the employee, enhanced CRB check cleared and documentation confirming the individual's right to work in the UK seen and copied.
  • Once the paperwork has been completed and all checks carried out satisfactorily, HR will liaise with the line manager to arrange a suitable start date and to plan the induction programme including notifying appropriate departments and personnel.
  • All appointments will be made subject to a satisfactory probationary period. New employees' progress will be monitored closely by their line manager during this period and they will be interviewed mid probation and then have another interview at the end of the probation period. A recommendation should be discussed and aggregated at the probation interview as to whether the employment should be:

a) Confirmed
b) Probation period extended, or
c) Terminated

Recruiting People With Criminal Convictions and Police Cautions

  • AMES UK Sport Club - Swim School always fully risk assesses the employment of paid and voluntary staff. In line with our Safeguarding and Protection Policy, AMES UK Sport Club - Swim School clearly states that all posts are subject to a CRB disclosure check being completed and that any positions where contact (direct or indirect) with children takes place are subject to and enhanced CRB disclosure check.
  • CRB disclosure checks are undertaken by AMES UK Sport Club's - Swim School's umbrella body supplier Capita Resourcing. At the point of recruitment AMES UK Sport Club - Swim School also ask applicants to self declare any convictions or pending investigations that are relevant to their position within the swim school to ensure AMES UK Sport Club - Swim School is fully informed of any circumstances which could affect employment before it undertakes a CRB disclosure.
  • Staff are not allowed to begin work until the self disclosure and CRB disclosure has been returned and reviewed by the HR team. In some cases if a person has a recent (completed in the past six months) CRB disclosure certificate and AMES UK Sport Club - Swim School has been obtained references and/or the person is very well known to the swim school (i.e. a family member of a member of staff or a current participant) then AMES UK Sport Club - Swim School may at the discretion of a member of the senior management team allow that person to begin work under supervision whilst his/her CRB disclosure is being processed.
  • If CRB disclosure certificates are returned showing any record for any individual it is immediately referred to the Head of Programmes (as organisational Safeguarding lead Officer) who will review the record and make a judgement call as to what action is taken. Possible actions are;

a) No action is taken and AMES UK Sport Club - Swim School deploys the member of staff immediately (e.g. an offence is not serious such as a small fine 15 or 20 year ago for a minor motoring offence)

b) It is felt that the person should work under supervision of a trained AMES UK Sport Club - Swim School staff member. The line manager is informed and a meeting is held to outline the conditions of employment and supervision/probationary period.

c) Further advice and/or references are sought from external agencies (often a youth offending rehabilitation swim school or probation services) that demonstrates the person is fit to work in the role given and is on a supported programme to aid their rehabilitation. The staff member would also then have regular supervision from the appointed AMES UK Sport Club - Swim School line manger as point (b).

d) On the grounds that the offence(s) is/are serious enough to warrant that person not deemed appropriate to work with child and young people (e.g. drugs, violence, child protection related) or undertake another specific another specific role (i.e. has convictions for theft or fraud and has applied for a role handling money) then they may be informed sensitively that they will not be able to undertake that role.

e) In the event that (d) takes place the right to appeal is granted and is reviewed by the Swim School coordinator.

  • Any such incidents where convictions or cautions are raised with the line manager will result in a supervised period being set at the discretion of the Swim School coordinator and the line manager. The line manager then carries out a review during and at the end of the period with the following possible outcomes;

a) The individuals conduct and performance has been deemed satisfactory during the period and the line manager takes the decision to end the supervised period (in consultation with the Swim School coordinator) on the grounds that the conviction or caution is no longer considered to affect the ability of the staff member to carry out the role.
b) The line manager feels that an extension of the supervised period should be employed (in consultation with the Swim School coordinator) on the grounds that there is evidence that the conviction or caution may still affect the ability of the staff member to carry out the role.

  • A strictly confidential record of the review meeting is kept by the HR department with access restricted to the line manager, Swim School coordinator, and the business manager staff.
  • All matters are processes in accordance with the legal requirements set out within the Data Protection Act, the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and any relevant UK and European Employment Law.