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Gala information 2017

AMES Sport Club 10th Swimming Gala Information

We are celebrating 12 years and we have limited edition offer for polo shirts and sweaters. The polo shirts cost £10 and the sweaters cost £15. If bought together, the cost is £22. Visit our swim school shop.

The Swimming Gala will take place on Saturday the 25th of March 2017 at 16.00 at Trinity School (Shirley Park, Croydon, CR9 7AT). Arrival time 15:30

All children Year 1 and over (academic year) who can swim without swimming aids from all days are welcome. We have had to do this due to time constraints. We would be very happy if all eligible children participate and all parents, friends, family and grandparents would come and support them. It is going to be a memorable day with lots of guests and medals for the first three places of each event.

Entrance for the parents, friends and family including programs will be £3.50 (over 16 years old) on the door. Entries for the swimming gala for the children will be £3.00 per child for all events. One cheque or cash is preferred per family for all entries. No refunds will be given for missed events or if a swimmer withdraws from the gala.

Those who wish to enter this competition must hand in their application no later than the 15th of February 2015. Applications can be submitted either by post, or e-mail or handed to Vicky. If you have any queries or problems regarding the Swimming Gala or your child’s entry form please do not hesitate to speak to Vicky.

Girls must wear a one piece swimming costume and boys must wear swimming trunks. No other types of swimwear will be allowed. This is to comply with ASA competition rules.

Please fill in the entry form below and return it to Vicky. It will be a great day for children to enjoy themselves and develop a healthy competitive spirit.

We also need some volunteers on the day to help us run the gala. Please tick on the following box if you can help us and what can you do.

If you would like to know more about what to expect on the day of the gala and what are the rules of the gala, please read the 'extract from the FINA rule book' and 'the most common things that judges will look for in a gala' documents below.

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Our 2017 AMES swimming gala picture gallery

Entrance letter and form (to be returned to Vicky before the 15th of February 2017)

Extract from the FINA rule book regarding the rules in swimming

The most common things that judges will look for in a gala