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CPD Support Policy

AMES UK Sport Club endeavours to support its key personnel in their Continual Professional Development (CPD), by recommending the following training and development methods:

  • Action Learning – where a small group meet to look at a specific issue to discuss how to approach it, then review and decide what happened and what can be learnt.
  • Reading - an often overlooked yet simple way of learning.
  • Mentoring – where a more experienced person acts as a guide and confidante to one less experienced.
  • Personal Development Journal – keeping a written log and reflecting on activities and day to day work can assist with an individual's development. A journal can be extremely useful for maintaining continuous professional development.
  • Shadowing – observing someone doing their job.
  • Projects – can be organised to meet a specific development need. Clear parameters are necessary when setting up any project.
  • Planned on the Job Training – developing skills through planned specific tasks. To be effective there should be set objectives which are reviewed to measure achievement. Often requires help from a more experienced member of staff.
  • Planned Delegation – specific tasks delegated to an individual to provide a valuable learning experience.
  • Job Rotation - involves transferring job responsibilities between individuals. This can enable individuals to develop their skills and often involves individuals coaching each other.
  • Coaching - a process in which a coach helps an individual to learn through discussion and guided activity.
  • Courses - designed to develop specific skills with the content satisfying predetermined objectives.
  • Conferences - often useful for expanding an individual's knowledge of a particular subject.

Published July 2017 (to be reviewed July 2019)