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About us

Origin and History

In 1985 a keen tennis player, himself driven by energy, enthusiasm and a knowledge of the power that sport has, if taught correctly, in shaping people, had a desire to put something back into his community. And so he founded a Tennis Club for the youth in his local area of Nea Erithrea, a district in Northern Athens, Greece. The club soon became very successful and he ran it single handedly for two years. He offered his services to the youths of his community on a voluntary basis. This man was my father, Stavros Panagiotidis, then aged 45.

By 1987 the Tennis Club was expanding rapidly and having a significant influence on the youths involved and so a decision was made to incorporate the sports of swimming and basketball under the umbrella of the club to widen its catchment and enable other youths who had interests in other sports to benefit. This meant a significant increase of member numbers and precipitated the need for the club to be run by committee. A committee was duly formed and a Constitution drawn up. The members of club then elected my father as their first president.

Some years later in late 2002, with the now named “A.M.E.S.” always wanting the best for its members, the Basketball membership was transferred over to another local club, Panerithtraikos who had the same ethos and held the same values in "whole person" development. This club specialised exclusively in Basketball for all ages.

In February 2004 the Martial Art of Karate was added bringing the portfolio of sports covered by the club to what it is today.

Our Name

The name AMES (pronounced “ah mess” in the Greek language) is in fact the initial letters of four Greek words.
Athlitikos - meaning Sport, Athleticism
Morphotikos - meaning Educational,
Ekpolitistikos - meaning Cultural and
Syllogos - meaning Club.

The committee of AMES thought that these qualities made up the essence of what it takes to be a truly rounded and complete sportsman who would be not only good at his chosen discipline but would also be able to understand and show the correct respect for his fellow competitors and opponents coupled together with the people around him and the environment he has to perform in - as the ancient Greeks once put quite simply “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

In closing I’d like to just say that the position of President in AMES Greece is a 2 year appointment. I’m also very proud to say that my father has been re-elected to this position by its changing membership bi-annually without fail over the last 30 years. (1987-2017) He is in fact the current and only President that AMES has even had.